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Periodontal Disease Maintenance

Once your periodontal treatment is complete, your Dentist or Dental Hygienists will recommend periodontal cleanings, which are maintenance cleanings performed four times a year to ensure the disease is kept at bay. At the appointment we will not only perform our regular exam, but also check your pocket depths carefully to make sure they stay healthy as well as removing calculus and plaque that is hard to remove with daily oral hygiene from below and above the gum line.

Remember to follow those good daily dental habits, it only take 24 hours for the plaque on your teeth to turn into tartar, which is the hard, calcified deposit that is hard to remove and contributes to your teeth’s decay.

Your appointment will also include:

  • A complete examination of your diagnostic x-rays to detect any signs of decay, cysts, bone loss or tumors.
  • Checking the interior of your mouth and exterior facial surface for any signs of oral cancer.
  • Checking gums and bones around teeth for signs of periodontal disease.
  • Checking each tooth for signs of decay
  • Checking current fillings and crowns for any problems.
  • Tooth Polishing – Our tooth polishing service will remove plaque and staining on your teeth that is not normally removed during regular tooth brushing leaving them shining and bright.

Periodontal Disease can be controlled by keeping up the daily good dental habits, following the treatment your Dentist or Dental Hygienist has recommended and having regular periodontal cleanings.

New Patient Exam, X-Ray & Cleaning $69.00

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