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Professional Dental Cleanings

Professional Dental Cleanings

Our friendly and experienced Registered Dental Hygienists will perform routine dental cleanings after a complete exam has been administered.

What You Can You Expect at A Dental Cleaning:

  • Plaque Removal – Plaque is a growing collection of bacteria, particles of food and saliva. It bonds together to form a sticky film that covers the teeth.The bacteria that is produced by plaque produces toxins that inflame your gums and if left untreated will produce periodontal disease. Our plaque removal services will gently and effectively remove this harmful bacteria and leave your gums healthy and clean.
  • Tartar Removal – Plaque that is left on the tooth for a significant amount of time, hardens and becomes firmly attached to the tooth, turning into Calculus, also known as Tartar. Calculus can form both below and above the gum line and requires special dental instruments to remove entirely.
  • Tooth Polishing – Our tooth polishing service will remove plaque and staining on your teeth that is not normally removed during regular tooth brushing leaving them shining and bright.

New Patient Exam, X-Ray & Cleaning $69.00

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